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Vendo 81

    During the 1950's there were four different models of the model 81 produced by the Vendo Company for Coca-Cola. All four Coca-Cola Vendo 81 models are embossed, with raised lettering, and all four say Drink Coca-Cola In Bottles. The Vendo 81's are one of the most sought after and popular Coke Machines due to their comfortable size, ability to vend different flavors, and different size, and shapes of bottles. All of the Vendo 81's were produced with a light up bottle door cavity and a crank handle that, when activated, allowed the machine to release one bottle from the vending stack assembly. The Vendo 81's have mechanically activated coin mechanism that utilized a crank handle and are only nickel / dime acceptable. Some of the latest Vendo 81Ds have the more advanced nickel / dime / quarter coin mechanisms. Just as the Corvette changed body styles through the years, so did the Vendo 81. All of the Vendo 81s measure 58" High x 27" Wide x 16" Deep and weigh around 285 lbs. While the Vendo 81s were delivered from the factory with no additional dress up decals, Coca-Cola did produce the popular dress up decals, and made them available to their Coke Distributors to dress up their machines. The Vendo 81s all ahd a bottle door on the left side of the cabinet, all used the same vending stack assembly that allowed nine different selections or flavors of soda. Today many home owners will expand the flavor choices to include long neck beer, wine coolers, bottled water, and fruit drinks as well as soda.
    The first year Vendo 81 was the Vendo 81A, It was produced with an all red paint theme, a smaller embossment that was off centered to the left, a single row of side vents, and a green plastic bottle door emblem. The coin mechanisms in this model were strictly nickel / dime operation. Because this model was produced with the all red paint theme, there was no stainless steel banding necessary to separate colors. It has become an acceptable restoration practice to restore the Vendo 81As in the both the original all red paint theme, as well as the popular red and white paint theme. Even Coca-Cola itself instructed their distributors to bring in their all red 81's and 39's and "modernize" them with the white top paint theme. There is a right way to do this, and a wrong way. We professionally restored the Vendo 81A in both paint themes, All Red, and Red and White.

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